The Multilingual Workers – Badgering Around Podcast Episode 2.4

Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez, the founder of ECLPS360, a Language Ventures Company, graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (J.D., M.B.A., 2015) and has always been passionate about diversity, inclusion, and languages. After learning about language certifications through ACTFL, he was inspired to launch Language Ventures, Inc., which seeks to help companies convert language barriers into competitive advantages. One of the key ways of doing so is through hiring multilingual workers. He sits down with Gina Jenkins, the host of the Badgering Around podcast from the Wisconsin School of Business, where he talks about his post-graduation career and what inspired him to take this innovative approach. “The Multilingual Workers” episode is available on many podcast platforms and the link to apple podcast is below.

Play Strength in Numbers

This is the first podcast where our founder is featured as a Founder or CEO guest. Valdez-Jimenez is a very proud two time graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and actively contributes back to his alumni community. So while the main strategy of Language Ventures, Inc has changed since it was started (including adopting the Doing Business As name of ECLPS360), its core mission of helping companies convert their language barriers into competitive advantages remains the same.