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Language Skills – Banking On Experience Podcast: Why diversifying language skills can help growth Luis Valdez-Jimenez at 360 Federal Credit Union

Let’s talk about Language Skills – more specifically, how diversifying your Credit Union’s language skills can create some serious growth in your organization and in your community.
This week on Banking On Experience, CRMNEXT’s James Gilbert is joined by guest expert, Luis A. Valdez-Jimenez who offers some stellar perspective on the subject.
What’s covered:
· Why diversify? For one thing, as Luis says, “Languages can help any organization convert the language barrier into a competitive advantage.”
· The travesty that is underbanked minority populations in your community, and the amount of business lost due to the inability to communicate.
· The ways in which banks and CUs need to adapt in order to tap into this market.
· What it means for Credit Unions to make good on their commitment to community…a whole community.
· What financial institutions can do to train their current employees, as well as find new talent that are multi-lingual.
· How the “new normal” has created a need for even more emphasis on multi-lingual options at Banks and Credit Unions.
· Technological options and their supplemental role vs. an actual human being who can speak the language.
· Several ways people can leverage their language skills and communication, from a functional standpoint in business.
· How a Credit Union can decide if this needs to be an initiative, some examples of companies that are doing this really well (Bank of America, for one), and precisely how they’ve gone about making successful changes.
· In a CU that really incorporates language diversification changes: how it shifts the way community sees them as a cultural fit.
· The ways in which your company can help to serve the diversity problem our country is currently struggling with so much.
· How you can reach Luis- as he’d love to get feedback and help your organization try to implement these goals and tap into these amazing benefits.
Via his website:
Instagram: @language_ventures
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